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у кого есть биография любого российского актера на английском языке

Даша Мастер (1713), закрыт 11 лет назад
Дополнен 13 лет назад
Очень нужна биография любого рссийского актеры на английском языке
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Шарлиз Терон Просветленный (43459) 13 лет назад
Aleksei Aleksandrovich Chadov was born on September 2, 1981, in Solntsevo, a suburb of Moscow, USSR. He is the younger brother of actor Andrei Chadov. His father, named Aleksandr Chadov, died in 1986, and both brothers were raised by their single mother. His mother, named Galina Petrovna Chadova, was an engineer turned accountant and teacher. She raised both brothers as best friends. Chadov brothers are look-alike, but they are not twins, with sixteen moths between them. They are good friends and are diligent colleagues in their respectful careers. They would often go together on casting calls, providing broader opportunities for directors

Aleksei Chadov and his brother began acting at school, then continued as amateur actor at the municipal theatre-studio in Peredelkino. His first acting teacher was Aleksei Kozhikhin. In 1992, at the age of 12, Aleksei Chadov was awarded for his stage performance and was sent to the Mediterranean resort of Antalia. During the school years he played a wide variety of characters in classical and contemporary plays. After graduating from school, he entered the Shchepkin Theatrical School in Moscow. There he studied acting at the class of Vladimir Seleznyov, and graduated as an actor in 2003. While a student, Aleksei Chadov made his film debut in a leading role in War (2002) by director Aleksei Balabanov. In 2002, Chadov received the Best Actor Award at Montreal Film Festival.

Chadov is a Russian Orthodox Christian. He currently resides in Moscow, Russia.
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Любовь Федотова Просветленный (45530) 13 лет назад
Vladimir Mashkov Biography (1963-)

Born November 27, 1963, in Tula, Russia; father, an actor; mother, a directorof a puppet theatre; married Yelena Shevchenko (an actress; marriage ended);married Alene Khovanskyaya (an actress; marriage ended); married Xenia Terentyeva (a model, television journalist, and wardrobe designer), December 31, 1999; children: (first marriage) Mariya Mashkova (an actress). Addresses: Agent: Art-Agency, Moscow 129110, Russia, 1st Pereyaslavsky Per., 4.; Contact: c/o Oleg Tabakov Theatre, Chaokyina Str. 12-a, Moscow, Russia.

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