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It is grammatically correct my essay built? /Strong Language/

Likky Misk Гуру (3350), на голосовании 13 лет назад
Дополнен 13 лет назад
Gay with Trance
Fuck you!
I don’t know your name, your name is Bill?
Not my name is Fucking boy. I gay I like sex with other man.
Oh your Blue man.
Yes, I blue man.
Okay, I trance. You’re inside large penis in my ass?
Not I not like woman.
I Hermaphrodite!
You have vagina, I not like women with vagina!
I not have vagina, I have only large and long beautiful penis!
I too… Oh I won’t you!
Go to in my room.
Okay, Let’s Go!
What is your name?
I’m Lucy.
Oh woman with penis.
Yes, I trance. Oh looking to right Building.
What is this?
This is Night Club for Us.
This Night Club for trance Girl?
Yes, and trance boy!
Oh Cool! Trance Boy has Penis?
Not, Trance boy don’t have penis.
Голосование за лучший ответ
Borzoy Гуру (4486) 13 лет назад
Where is a essay? ))))))))
Likky MiskГуру (3350) 13 лет назад
Fucking server delete my "essay". This is version not full.
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