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What you know about people life?

Ученик (108), закрыт 11 лет назад
Why people wnat WAR?
Дополнен 11 лет назад
Что такое война и люди?
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Лучший ответ
я знаю то, что многие не понимают английский язык!!!
I know that many do not understand the English language!!!
Остальные ответы
As the alien girl from 'the 5th element" was explained it's a part of human nature to yen for war and destruction. And according to Freud's theory our unconsciousness is ruled by two powers: Libido or Eros - a kind of life energy and Tanatos - a distructive power which is the sourse of human aggressiveness
All these wars and other people's problems are nothing when you stand in front of the ocean for example, watch its power...or better when you can feel it. I mean this power leaves behind itself only destruction. You see it and you can't stop it. You see, how people die, and you can't stop it. You see, how they scream praying and you can't stop it. Then you understand and realize that we are nothing.
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