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Где скачать проектную работу "Моя школа" на английском?

Dashuta Ученик (150), закрыт 12 лет назад
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Вадим Кабаненко Профи (992) 13 лет назад
School is an important part of our live. Everybody goes to school when they are little kids. There they learn most of the things people need to know .It is at school where we spell our fist word, read our first book and learn that the Earth is round. Every school is a little world and it is very important that children are happy in this world because there they spend ten years of their lives. As for me I sometimes think that I can not live without my school and my classmate.
I would like to tell you a few words about my school. My school is the oldest in Abinsk. It is famous for its high-quality education and strict discipline. The school is very well-equipped. On the ground floor there is a gym, a canteen, a workshops and chemistry lab. On the first floor there is a computer class, physics and biology labs and library. I go to school six days a week. The lessons are over at own o'clock in the afternoon. After classes I usually don't go home right away. We have some out-of-class activities.
My favorite subject is English. I like to learn new words, to dramatize texts and dialogues.
But I am not very good at chemistry. I always fail to learn formulas and terms properly. Maybe our chemistry teacher is too serious, too academic. She is not imaginative enough and her lessons are a little bit dull, there is not enough excitement for us to get interested in the subject.
I love my school teachers. I understand that teachers help us to learn more about the world and we should be very grateful to them. When they are strict they do it for our own benefit because they want us to grow clever and cultivated people. Another thing which will never change it is my love to my classmate. Whatever happens I will always be true to our friendship as I strongly believe that school friends are friends for ever.
DashutaУченик (150) 13 лет назад
Спасибо, а то мне к завтрашнему 6 страниц катать!
Вадим Кабаненко Профи (992) Всегда пожалуйста обращайся у мну еще штук шесть-семь тем валяется
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