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привет!срочно нужен текст песни Димы из VIP77 Snow in Огту!откликнитесь,у кого он есть!

Пользователь удален Ученик (177), закрыт 8 лет назад
Дополнен 13 лет назад
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Silver Elysee Гуру (4478) 13 лет назад
[Verse 1:]
I was out the spirit of fire
I was out no no I`m not lying
I thought it`s over between you and me
You don`t coming by no more
don`t say " good night"
and don`t kiss me....
I said oh damn and shamed for myself
I thought you closed your doors to your heart forever
and didn’t smell I still got a chance
sisi amore si is over now forever

Cos' when the snow begins to fall in june
and you don’t know how much I prayed to be with you so soon
And when the snow begins to fall in june
whenever you come back, i’m here

[Verse 2:]
I tried to talk
I tried to explain it
but girl I saw you mad
and I started to hate me
I loved to live free like an eagle
you can’t slave me girl to your personal capital
I know I treat it wrong
but now there’s no way back
come again to go again
I told you girls that’s not correct
you know me girl I love to be free with the wind
I’m gone with the wind
when the snow falls in june


you so exiting girl
excuse me but I can to give you all I got
I hope you understand
it didn`t worked with us
that`s why I please you to forgive me
maybe, I promised to too mutch of futuredreams
maybe, it wasn`t cool
that`s why I couldn`t sleep
I know I sitting here
and ready to welcome my judgement


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