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Choose a job, and talk for two minutes giving reasons why your job should be the best paid one in the country.

Ученик (92), закрыт 3 года назад
Не могу ничего придумать, помогите, пожалуйста.
Дополнен 3 года назад
Выбрать работу, которая должна оплачиваться лучше всех. И назвать 4 причины почему так решили.
Лучший ответ
The answer is already in the question itself. Answer for yourself: why some job should be paid the best? How your country is different from other countries? What unique problems has it? Imagine that you are the president) Start thinking of why would you pay the highest wage to anybody in the country. Is it the most useful? Useful for the whole society or certain groups of people? Identify the problem needs to be solved and what needs to be done. For example, you think that the country economics should become more technology based rather then oil and other raw resources oriented. Then the society needs to develop IT - industry and, hence, needs more software engineers and programmers. You may become a main IT strategy manager who controls the whole project to shift the country to a technology based economy. Say that such a strategy is important since it is sustainable and will ensure the country's independence from oil export activities. It has long term advantages as technologies will remain even when raw resources are exhausted. And so on and so forth.. There are many options to answer this question based on your interests. It depends on what problem or issue you want to discuss. Have fun!
Остальные ответы
Какой-то дурацкий вопрос, в том плане что выбранная профессия почему-то должна оплачиваться лучше всех. Может я хочу тихую работёнку, где несправедливо получать большие деньги.
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