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Кто знает анг. ?!

Лёха Ученик (170), закрыт 13 лет назад
Помогите пож-ста!
надо составить на английском языке высказывания 3-х учеников о школе (хорошие)
буквально по 3-4 предложения
Очень пРошУ!
Лучший ответ
Diosa Гуру (3466) 13 лет назад
1. I'm a pupil. I like my school very much.There are a lot of friendly teachers in my school. My favourite subject is Math. Our teacher is always helpful and kind.
2. My school is rather big. But I like to spend my time there. We have different sport activities. As for me, I prefer football. Our teacher is very sportive man, and I can talk with him without ceremony
3. My friends and I like to go to school. We have a lot of classes at school, but they are really interesting. So every morning I run up to school to meet my friends and my teachers
Остальные ответы
olsana Мастер (1689) 13 лет назад
It's great to be a pupil of our school. It gives us deep knowledge of subjects. Our teachers
are severe but that makes us study hard.

We are proud of our school, its labs and classrooms. They are well equipped, full of sunlight.There is a good library in our school, where you can always find something interesting and usefull.

I like my school because I always feel at home whith my classmates. I enjoy my studies. There are many societies and clubs at or school . It is very interesting to participate in extracurricular activities after classes .
KRISTY Гуру (2711) 13 лет назад
I always hated school, i love to study but not hte way they teach at schools.

I'm gratful to my parents for not sending me to school! Thank you so much my Mom and Dad.
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