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i am local user of LAN net work i want to see or control the other local users connected & SERVER

джамаль Ученик (159), закрыт 14 лет назад
see which internet sited they visited.i also want to see what on main server too.which sites they visited.rememberi am local user of LAN network.please tell me the soft ware or program free to download.
thanks alot for your kind attention.marina007
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lol в печали Просветленный (23825) 14 лет назад
Сходи на фирму, там получишь и софт и хард. А если хочешь обычный , медленный интернет, загрузи " smart surfer"
vinvangog Гуру (3279) 14 лет назад
you can't do it if you are just a user. This can do only an experienced supervisor of this network and only on the main server. And of course you can't check the main server on the simple reason - you are not allowed to do it as a simple user
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