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девчонке из пятого класса нужен небольшой диалог (на английском) О ЗИМНИХ КАНИКУЛАХ

Игорь Костылев Ученик (141), закрыт 14 лет назад
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Пользователь удален Ученик (123) 14 лет назад
- Hi!
- where are you going to spend your winter holidays?
- I think first I will visit all my relatives and give them small presents.
- It is a very good idea! but my relatives live too far from me in another country
- send them greeting cards per e-mail, it is so easy now. Everyone has Internet at home
- Thank you! I never thought of it
- Maybe we meet one day during the holidays and go ice-skating or skiing? what would you prefer?
- I prefer ice-skating. It is a real fun to skate with the friends.
- OK. I like skating too.
- Great!

Обращайтесь! ;-)
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Геннадий Киселёв Профи (589) 14 лет назад
-Hello, Liz!
-Hi, Ann!
-How did you spehd your minter hollidays?
-Oh, It was great. First week i spent with my granny? every day I walked with my friends, we were playing different games like hide&sick. And the other week i spent in Tailand. It was exiting, the weather was fine: sun was shining, water was warm/ Every day we were swimming in the swimming ool and in the sea... So i'm happy. And what'a about you?
-Oh, it is really interesting/ But my winter hollidays were not so fun, all holidays I spent at home because i fall ill, so every day i had to drink a lot of medeine. I'm sorry but i need to go home, Good by, Ann/
p.s. Если не сложно сделай ответ лучшим.

Margo r, неужели ты думаешь что пятый класс сможет с этим разобрться!?
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