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shto takoe United Nations Foundation18coulibalyosmane Avenue,OUA, Plot 400 Ouagadougou , BF.???

Majahed Ученик (95), закрыт 10 лет назад
United Nations Foundation

18coulibalyosmane Avenue,
OUA, Plot 400 Ouagadougou , BF.

The United Nations Foundation (UNF),would like to notify you that you have been
chosen by the Board of Trustees as one of the final recipients of £1,000,000.00(One
Million GBP) for your personal, business, or educational use to aid the
under privilege in your territory /country The UN Foundation was created in 1998
with entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turners historic $1 billion gift to
support UN causes and activities.

The UN Foundation builds and implements public-private partnerships to address
the worlds most pressing problems, and broadens support for the. U.N .through
advocacy and public outreach. The .U.N. Foundation is a public charity and
winners are selected without any cinerary, You are required to contact the Claims Officer below for qualification and processing of your claims.

Please endeavour to quote your Qualification numbers (UNF-350714-UNOG) and Amount
won in all discussions.

To file Your claims Send listed requirements to
Contact African Finance Officer
Dr. Roger Bernard

Email; or

Sincerely Mrs, Julie Hans

Chairman of the Board
2009 UNFoundation, All Rights Reserved

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Alex Мудрец (12772) 12 лет назад
spam and scam. лохотрон в общем
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