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дмитрий давыдов Ученик (180), открыт 1 день назад
Грамматический тест

9. They were waiting at the bus-stop when I … them.
a) saw b) see c) had seen d) was seeing
10. I’m sure I … the exams successfully.
a) shall pass b) have passed c) pass d) am passing
11. Who … to go to the cinema with us?
a) want b) does want c) wants d)is wanting
12. He … school 2 years ago.
a) finished b) has finished
13. She … by 9 o’clock.
a) came b) had come
14. We … to a good concert last Sunday.
a) have gone b) were going c) had gone d) went
15. What … you … when I rang you up yesterday?
a) were … doing b) did … do c) did … doing
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