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Помогите пожалуйста сделать задание по английскому.

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Mowing the lawn, cleaning the windows and putting the bins out are jobs that women believe should be carried out by the man of the house, a study has found.

The list of ‘his ‘n hers’ chores emerged following a study of 5,000 adults into which sex is responsible for everyday jobs around the house.

Women also ruled out getting things out of the loft, removing sticky lids from jars and unblocking the lavatory.

Meanwhile men believe women’s jobs include remembering birthdays and anniversaries, organising the social calendar and replacing the toilet roll when it runs out.

A spokesman for, which carried out the survey, said: “There is a very clear divide between the chores men and women will do, but at least it shows that both sexes are responsible for the running of the household.

“There seems to be a general trend that women are responsible for the day to day chores, such as keeping the house clean and tidy.

“But men make sure things are fixed and in good working order. Neither sex is afraid of getting their hands dirty.

“We’re sure that in some households there will be a point where a man is forced to do a pink job, and a woman finds herself carrying out the odd blue job.

“The delegation of these chores has nothing to do with our ability or inability to do various tasks.

“It’s just that men tend to be better at more hands-on chores, and women are naturally more organised and methodical in their approach to running the house.”

While the study found cooking meals is often shared it emerged men are more likely to be delegated tasks of bravery and courage – such as investigating strange noises in the night and removing spiders from the bath tub.

Keeping the garden looking its best also fell into the male domain – with men in charge of mowing the lawn, edge-trimming and hedge-trimming.

The top 20 men’s jobs according to the survey:

1.Getting things out of the loft

2.Investigating strange noises in the night

3.Putting out the bins/ going to the tip

4.Topping up oil / radiator / screen wash /washing the car

5.Mowing the lawn

6.Edge and hedge-trimming

7.Reading instructions for new gadgets

8.Getting spiders out of the bath

9.Unblocking the lavatory with a plunger

10.Putting up shelves

11.Fixing broken toys

12.Building flat-pack furniture

13.Removing sticky lids from jars

14.Washing up after dinner

15.Setting the television to recording programmes

16.Anything car-related

17.Sunday morning paper-run

18.Cleaning windows

19.Sweeping the driveway

20.Carving the roast

The top 20 women’s jobs:

1.Remembering birthdays / anniversaries

2.Treating the children’s head lice / verrucas

3.Changing bed linen

4.Buying presents

5.Pairing up clean socks

6.Organising the social calendar

7.Washing clothes

8.Baking cakes for the school

9.Organising the children’s social life

10.Removing the children’s ear wax

11.School packed lunches


13.Binning out-of-date food


15.Cleaning the oven

16.Replacing the lavatory rolls

17.Attending children’s parties

18.Changing nappies

19.Booking the babysitter

20.Cleaning up if the children are sick

1. What does the article deal with?

2. What problems are discussed in the article?

3. What is spoken in detail in the article?

4. What is much attention given to?

5. Who is the article of interest to?
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Нина Еремеева Мудрец (19510) 3 месяца назад
1 The article deals with household tasks.
2 In the article are discussed problems how to divide household tasks between men and women.
3 In the article is spoken in detaile what women mainly are responsible for keeping the house clean and tidy,but men in charge of mowing the lawn, edge-trimming and hedge-trimming,for examle.
4 At least the article shows that both sexes are responsible for the running of the household.
5 In my opinion,\the article is interest especially to women .
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