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поставь вопросы к предложениям. начни с слов,в скобках. помогите

Профи (638), на голосовании 9 лет назад
1) Miss Chattter got a lot of postcards on her birthday (what)
2) Last yaer the winter was cold and snowy (when)
3) YesterdayTiny wrote a Christmas card to his friend Billy (why)
4) Jill^s cake was tasty and nice (was)
5) He ran very well the day befole yesterday (how)
6) They lived in a small house (did)
заранее спасибо!!!!
Голосование за лучший ответ
2. When was the winter cold and snowy?
4. Was Jill^s cake tasty and nice?
5. How did he run the day before yesterday?
6. Did they live in a small house?
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