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Помогите пожалуйста, совсем тупа в английском языке

Татьяна Юдина Ученик (112), закрыт 1 месяц назад
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Евгения Евгения Профи (599) 1 месяц назад
1. Sold
2. Eat
3. Have been
4. Hqs been hating
5. Played
6.. Has been working
7.. Have
8. Have been
9. Have finished
10. was
11. Have... Been
1. We are having....
2. They left...
3. She is used....
4. They are decorating...
5. They are going....
6. The train has just...
7. I used to smoke....
8. Joe watches....
9. I have done six...
10. The pairs start....
1. I saw him steal the chocolate
2. I heard them open the door
3. We are expecting the party to go well
4. Do you consider this kind of resume to be acceptable?
5. the Smith family wanted their son to be a doctor
6. His friends did not know he was such a lazy guy
1. If it rains tomorrow, we will not go play volleyball
2. If you sit in the sun for too long, you will get tanned
3. If i were you, i would do it
4. If she studied harder, she wouldn't have problems with her studies
5. If i won the lottery, i would share the winnings with my parents
6. If i hadn't gone to bed so late, i would have felt....
7. If i hadn't come to London, i wouldn't have seen....
8. if you mix water with electricity, waywr will conduct electricity.
9. If i were British i would be British
10. If i were the opposite sex, i would be very beautiful
Дальше сам(а).. у меня времени нет. Тем более последние два задания можно в переводчике перевести. Удачи!
Татьяна ЮдинаУченик (112) 1 месяц назад
Огромное спасибо ?❤️
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григорий мосьпан Мудрец (10148) 1 месяц назад
а я не продал свой кар 2 дня назад - давали 750 не уступил просил 900
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