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Английский Язык, Passive voice

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Fill the gaps with the appropriate form of the verb(задание над последним скрином)
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No Мастер (1164) 1 год назад
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Задание 2
1. is being counted
2. was built
3. to be repaired
4. will be finished
5. haven't been washed

Задание 3
1. The final invitations are being sent out at the moment.
2. Jane Anderson wasn't invited to the wedding.
3. The deposit for the reception was paid last week.
4. Lucy has bought her wedding dress but it has will be altered.
5. The price of the dress was reduced by the shop.
6. The ceremony will be filmed by Lucy's aunt.
7. The formal photos will be taken by a professional photographer.
8. The catering will be done by Antonio.

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2. I can’t travel to New York. I haven’t got enough money.
I wish I had enough money to travel to New York.
3. They didn’t score a goal.
I wish they had scored a goal.
4. My car is so small.
I wish I had a bigger car.
5. They lost the photo.
I wish they hadn’t lost the photo.
6. I didn’t study hard at school.
I wish I had studied harder at school.
7. My sister invited me to her party, but I didn’t go.
I wish I had gone to my sister’s party.
8. I only have one child, so I’m lonely.
I wish I had more children.
9. I don’t have a fast car.
I wish I had a fast car.
10.They were not quiet last evening.
I wish they had been / would have been more quiet last evening.
11.The train was late.
I wish the train hadn’t been late.
12.They had an accident because of the bad weather.
I wish the weather hadn’t been so bad.

3 фотография

1. hadn't got
2. hadn't rained
3. hadn't parked
4. had
5. rained
6. didn't have
7. wouldn't drink/ didn't drink
8. would rain/didn't rain
9. would wash/washed
10. weren't
11. hadn't demolished
12. had
13. hadn't told
14. wouldn't speak/didn't speak
15. hadn't bought
16. wouldn't drive/didn't drive
михаил плешаковЗнаток (437) 1 год назад
спасибо, огромное
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