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Помогите, Английский 7 класс.

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Нужно расставить буквы в пропуски.

Olympic team goes hunting for the hunters

In 2013 a team of Brazilian sports people went to the Amazon rainforest. 1_ They went to search for young people with amazing sporting skills to take part in the 2016 Olympics in Rio and to represent Brazil.

They found twelve young people who were impressive kayakers, and others who had fantastic skills with a bow and arrow. One of these was a quiet teenager called Jardel Kambeba, from the Kambeba tribe. His name in his native language means 'bird hunter'. Normally he hunts tropical river fish or birds that fly up to a hundred metres high in the sky. Sometimes he hunts and kills crocodiles. 2_

Jardel comes from a village called Tres Unidos, where he lives with sixty other Amazonian Indians. The village is ninety minutes by boat from Manaus, the capital of Brazil's Amazon region, and is in the very centre of the rainforest. The summers are hot and dry and the winters are wet and tropical. 3_ They build their wooden homes high off the ground because the river rises.

Everyone who was chosen to take part moved to Manaus to train for the Games in Rio de Janeiro. 4_ The teenagers had to change schools and have had to adapt to a very different way of life. Up until now, they had only ever trained on the local beach back at home. 5_ They have to train from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and then from 4 p.m. until sunset. The teenagers are excited about representing Brazil at the Olympic Games. But most importantly, they want to make their tribes back in the rainforest proud of them.

Варианты ответов:
A The Olympic team from Brazil wanted to turn these traditional jungle skills into sporting skills.

B For many of the teenagers, going to Manaus was the first time they had ever left their communities.

C Now they are preparing for the Games with high-tech Olympic facilities.

D The villagers live close to the Rio Negro, which together with Rio Solimões forms the Amazon River.

E It is the world's largest rainforest and home to about 400 Indian tribes.
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