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Помогите с английским

- Ученик (55), на голосовании 1 год назад
What do you know about New Zealand
What do you know about holidays in New Zealand
What sights of New Zealand do you know
What role do Maori play in New Zealand's culture
Голосование за лучший ответ
Вячеслав Михайлович Мудрец (11566) 1 год назад
New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main landmasses—the North Island (Te Ika-a-Māui) and the South Island (Te Waipounamu)—and over 700 smaller islands. The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington and its most populous city is Auckland.

New Zealand has a rich history and culture. The Māori are the tangata whenua (indigenous people) of Aotearoa New Zealand and their culture is an integral part of local life. You can experience Māori culture first-hand when you visit New Zealand.

There are many beautiful sights to see in New Zealand. The country has active volcanoes, spectacular caves, deep glacier lakes, verdant valleys, dazzling fjords, long sandy beaches, and the spectacular snowcapped peaks of the Southern Alps/Kā Tiritiri o te Moana on the South Island—all contribute to New Zealand’s scenic beauty.
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