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Выберите правильный вариант ответа (запишите в кратком формате).

Иван Левченко Ученик (50), на голосовании 6 месяцев назад
1. They liked ... computer games.

a) playing;

b) to play;

c) make play;

d) having played.

2. The friends haven’t managed to meet... many years.

a) since;

b) for;

c) after;

d) last.

3. The meeting will be ... on Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock.

a) made;

b) taken;

c) held;

d) placed.

4. May I apologize ... being so late?

a) myself for;

b) for;

c) -;

d) myself.

5. Mary ... the piano since 10 a. m.

a) has been playing;

b) is playing;

c) has played;

d) had played.

6. We heard Miss Smith … that Julia was really unhappy.

a) tell;

b) to tell;

c) say;

d) to say.

7. Poor Lyn — she lost her homework, and she ... do it again.

a) needs;

b) ought;

c) shall;

d) has to.

8. The... from Paris to his new house takes two hours by car.

a) travel;

b) journey;

c) voyage;

d) driving.

9. Helen asked me if... the film called “Star wars”.

a) have I seen;

b) have you seen;

c) had I seen;

d) I had seen.

10. I promise that I... to work on time every morning in future,

a) get;

b) am getting;

c) will get;

d) would get.

11.When the train stopped, Lizzie … her book and didn't realize at first that she had arrived at her destination.

a) was reading

b) reads

c) read

d) had read

12. Her uncle's son ... in tomorrow's competition, because he is too young.

a) wouldn't ride c) won't ride

b) shan't ride d) doesn't ride

13. A new club ..... in our city.

a) is building c) is built

b) is being built d) has been built

14. Television has many advantages. It keeps us informed about the latest news, and also ... entertainment at home.

a) provides c) is provided

b) provide d) provided

15. Also television ... for the violent behavior of some young people, and for encouraging children to sit indoors, instead of doing sports.

a) blames c) blamed

b) is blamed d) would blame

16. Every time that I miss the bus, it means that I ... walk to work.

a) must c) have to

b) had to d) could

17. Every time when I missed the bus, I .... return home late.

a) should c) could

b) had to d) might

18. This exhibition is .... interesting than the previous one.

a) less c) least

b) little d) the least

19. Everybody agrees that... happiness is very important in the life of people.

a) a c) -

b) the d) many

20. When they arrived ... the station, they rushed to the platform not to miss the train.

a) To c) in

b) at d) for
Голосование за лучший ответ
Вячеслав Михайлович Мудрец (11423) 7 месяцев назад
1. a) playing
2. b) for
3. c) held
4. b) for
5. a) has been playing
6. c) say
7. d) has to
8. b) journey
9. d) I had seen
10. c) will get
11. a) was reading
12. c) won't ride
13. b) is being built
14. a) provides
15. b) is blamed
16. c) have to
17. b) had to
18. a) less
19. c) -
20. b) at
Иван ЛевченкоУченик (50) 7 месяцев назад
спасибо большое
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