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Переделать предложения в Пассивный залог

Александра Лисина Ученик (97), на голосовании 10 месяцев назад
1. Anthony and John are repairing a car now.
2. By six o'clock Mark had finished the work.
3. They sell books in this shop.
4. I have translated the whole text.
5. My grandfather built this house in 1943.
6. When I came home, they had eaten the sweets.
7. Has anybody explained the rules of the game to you?
8. They will show this film on TV.
9. We had cleaned all the windows before the storm.
10. They were playing football from four till five yesterday.
11. They have forgotten the story.
12. At twelve o'clock the workers were painting the walls.
13. Everybody loves Mr. Brown.
14. Samantha won't bring the books tomorrow.
15. Somebody has drunk all the milk.
Голосование за лучший ответ
Эва Знаток (362) 11 месяцев назад
1. A car is being repaired by Anthony and John now.
2. The work had been finished by Mark by six o'clock.
3. Books are sold in this shop.
4. The whole text has been translated by me.
5. This house was built in 1943 by my grandfather.
6. When I came home, the sweets had been eaten by them.
7. Have the rules of the game been explained to you by anybody?
8. This film will be shown on TV by them.
9. All the windows had been cleaned by us before the storm.
10. Football was being played by them from four till five yesterday.
11. The story has been forgotten by them.
12. At twelve o'clock the walls were being painted by the workers.
13. Mr. Brown is loved by everybody.
14. The books won't be brought by Samantha tomorrow.
15. All the milk has been drunk by somebody.
Александра ЛисинаУченик (97) 11 месяцев назад
Спасибо за ответ ✨
Я сделала и сравнила с вашими , все правильно )
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