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English 8 класс

ДИО БРАНДО Ученик (15), на голосовании 6 месяцев назад
Complete the story with the words and phrases from the box. Convert the words
from the table so that they correspond grammatically to the content of the text (max.
9 points).
Snowdon is (a) ________________ mountain in Wales, at an elevation of 1,085
meters above the sea level. It (b) _____________ in Snowdonia National Park in
Gwynedd. It is the busiest mountain in the United Kingdom and the (c)
____________ most visited attraction in Wales, with 582 thousand people annually.
It is a national nature reserve because of (d) __________ rare flora and fauna.
The summit (top of the mountain) can be reached by a number of paths and by the
Snowdon Mountain Railway. The railway (e) ______________ in 1896. It carries
passengers from Llanberis to the summit station. The railway generally operates
from May to October. The daily running timetable (f) ____________ on the weather
and customer demand.
Snowdon offers some of the most (g) ____________ views in the British Isles.
From here, it is also possible to see the mountains of Peak District and South
Pennines around Manchester. The mountain itself may (h) ___________ on take-off
and approach to both Manchester Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport on
very clear (i) ___________ days, and even from Ireland.
a) High b) locate c) three d) it e) open f) depend g) wonder h) view i) sun
Голосование за лучший ответ
Илон Маск Мастер (1804) 7 месяцев назад
1. David looks different now. He didn't use to have long hair.

2. On my sixth birthday, I did horseback riding for the first time.

3. Usually, you use to visit your cousins when you were younger?

4. I used to go to the park on Saturdays.

5. Yuri usually takes the bus to college.

6. She ate lots of ice cream as a child. She used to love it!

7. Did Daniel use to be so thin?

8. Lara doesn't did go skiing in the summer.

1. I never ate olives as a child. I hated them.

2. Did Steve was so hard-working when he was younger?

3. She played tennis in her teens but doesn't now.

4. My grandfather didn't have a cell phone.

5. Did your parents read you bedtime stories?

6. I didn't wear bright colors in the past.

7. Did you take the train to New York?

8. Alice didn't go out so much before she went to college.

1. We aren't rich. We can't afford to stay in that hotel.

2. This cafe is so expensive. They charge SIO for a cup of coffee!

3. She has a good job and earns more than her husband.

4. Don't forget to pay back the money Daniel gave you.

5. Jack's going shopping because he got paid yesterday.

6. Don't waste your salary on things that you don't need!

1. Can I borrow some money to buy a ticket to the concert, please?

2. How much did you spend on that new jacket

3. I paid my best friend $10 yesterday to buy lunch.

4. Their house is huge. It must be paying a fortune.

5. Which costs more, the blue shirt or the green one?

6. I'm trying to save a little money each month to buy a new car.
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