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Английский, помогите пожалуйста!!

Николаева Стефания Ученик (51), закрыт 20 часов назад
Лучший ответ
Анатолий Зинин Высший разум (292934) 1 месяц назад
An essay was written last week.
He was allowed by his parents to go for a walk.
I was encouraged to look for a job.
Ann was offered a cup of tea by her.
The door was locked at.
The blackboard was cleaned.
The telephone call was answered.
I was handed a message.
The invitations to their wedding were sent out.
Остальные ответы
Макс Постников Ученик (113) 1 месяц назад
ва ыаывмымсвямывмывмвымваымвп ты пон ?????
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