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Помогите,пожалуйста, с английским

Владимир Воскрес Ученик (75), на голосовании 1 день назад
1. Match the words from the columns to make meaningful word combinations

1. irregular a. colours
2. biological b. addiction
3. withdrawal c. sleep pattern
4. passive d. information
5. carrying e. sessions
6. fall f. smoker
7. attach g. symptoms
8. psychological h. clock
9. stretching j. capacity
10. artificial k. asleep

II. Give a word or word combination to each definition

1. a particular form of a bad health; a disease;
2. a person who does or uses smth that he or she cannot give up
3. (adj) causing a habit that people cannot give up;
4. a substance obtained or used in chemistry;
5. system of our body that prevent us from diseases;

III. Fill in the gaps with prepositions

1. Fast food doesn't provide any benefits... the body.
2. Mike participates... 3 strength training sessions every week.
3. Before training, make sure you've warmed... enough.
4. Bob has just recovered... a serious disease.
5. A lot of harmful chemicals are breathed... the body while smoking a cigarette.
6. Nicotine in tobacco gets... the brain... blood stream just 10 seconds after a person starts smoking.
7. Vitamin C is destroyed... smoking.
8. According... the statistic, smoking kills... (около) 5 million people a year.
9. Lack... sleep can cause different health problems.
10. It was difficult for her to get... the new theme to her students.
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Натан Барано Гений (64164) 4 недели назад
Хорошо, но только завтра напишу, ок?
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