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Английский 8 класс косвенная речь

Ярослав Маршин Ученик (161), на голосовании 1 год назад
Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь.
1. I thought, “He is going to give up his job”.
2. Helen: I cannot call you, I’ve lost your phone number.
3. Marina: I’ve lost my ticket.
4. Nick told us, “I saw Jimmy at a party last week.”
5. Sister: I have been looking for you everywhere, Robbie.
6. David: It’s a bit cold today. I’m going to wear a pullover.
7. The girl said to her sister, “All the guys try to look really cool driving up and down in their dad`s car.”
8. He said, “I can` t move the piano alone.”
9. She was surprised, “Somebody stole my bag in the shop”
10. He read, “The south of England is warmer than the North.”
11. “I am sorry, I am late. I lost my way”, he said to our guide.
12. He said, “I am living in London now.”
13. Marry said to me, “I went to London with my sister.”
14. My friend said, “I watch a lot of soap operas.”
15. Her teacher said, “I am not going to ask you.”
16. Tom said, “New York is more lovely than London.”
17. “You have not done your work well,” said the teacher to me.
Голосование за лучший ответ
Маргарита Просветленный (23056) 1 год назад
1. I thought he was going to give up his job.
2. Helen said that she couldn't call him because she had lost his phone number.
3. Marina said she had lost her ticket.
4. Nick told us that he had seen Jimmy at a party the week before.
5. Sister said she had been looking for Robbie everywhere.
6. David said that it was a bit cold that day and he was going to wear a pullover.
7. The girl said to her sister that all the guys tried to look really cool driving up and down in their dad`s car.
8. He said he couldn't move the piano alone.
9. She was surprised because somebody had stolen her bag in the shop.
10. He read the south of England was\is warmer than the North.
11. He said to our guide that he was sorry and he was late because he dad lost his way.
12. He said he was living in London then.
13. Marry said to me that she had gone to London with my sister.
14. My friend said that he watched a lot of soap operas.
15. Her teacher said that he was not going to ask me.
16. Tom said that New York was more lovely than London.
17. The teacher said to me that I hadn't done my work well.
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