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Английский язык задания

Kto to Kakoito Ученик (137), открыт 4 недели назад
Помогите сделать.Промежуточная аттестация по английскому языку. Variant 2.
1.Match the words, Cопоставьте слова.
1. traffic
a. belt
2. swimming
b. newspaper
3. racing
c. pool
4. weekly
d. driver
5. seat
c. signs
2. Поставьте прилагательные в правильной форме. Open the bracket.
1. It's
(funny) film I've ever seen.
2. In spring days become
3. Steve has got _ (many) stamps in his collection than me.
6. Let's go to the Max cinema. It's the … (good) place in the
7. Irina is
(young) than his sister
4. Sorry, I didn't come yesterday, I was at work. It was
(bad) day in my life!
8. Autumn is … (colourful) of all seasons, I think
9. Now you look … (good) in this dress than in the jeans
5. She does her work _ (quickly) than anybody in the office. 10. Mark is … (young) child in his family.
3.Choose one correct modal verb for each gap: . Поставь модальные глаголы в предложения.
must, mustn't, can, can't, have to
I. Look at the sign! Visitors _ feed the animals. It is not allowed!
do my homework every day, I want to pass my exams.
3. Doctors
wear a white uniform at work, it is their duty.
4. Students cook the meals in their room, It's forbidden!
5. We
_ cycle in the park, it is OK.
4.Выберите правильный глагол (Choose the correet verb).
1. They often … to the cinema.
a) go b) goes c) are going
2. Tim usually … breakfast.
a) ate b) eats c) is eating
3. Mary … Cola now.
a) drink b) drank c) is drinking
4. Ben … the dog at the moment.
5. We … our grandparents every Sunday.
a) visit b) visits c) are visiting
6. He … to school yesterday.
a) goes b) went c) is going
7. My mum … many books two years ago.
a) buys b) bought c) buy
a) walks b) is walking c) walk
5. Pаскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple.
I. My working day (to begin) at six o'clock.
2. I (to get) up. (to switch) on the TV and (to brush) my teeth.
3. It (to take) me about twenty minutes.
4. I (to have) breakfast at seven o'clock.
5. I (to leave) home at half past seven.
6. I (to take) a bus to the institute.
7. It usually (to take) me about fifteen minutes to get there.
8. Classes (to begin) at eight.
9. We usually (to have) four classes a day.
10. I (to have) lunch at about 2 o'clock.
11. Alice (to have) a sister.
12. Her sister's name (to be) Ann.
13. Ann (to be) a student.
14. She (to get) up at seven o'clock.
6.Read the text. Прочитай текст,
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
William Shakespeare, the world's greatest playwright, was born in April, 1564. He grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon in central
William went to a grammar school and had a good education. There he learned to love reading In 1582 William married when he
was still a teenager. He had two sons and a daughter when he left for London in 1587
In London Shakespeare began to act and to write plays. Most of his plays were performed in the Globe Theatre, built on the bank
Thum The best and the most popular Shakespeare's works are "King Lear" "Romeo and Juliet". "Twelfth Night"
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