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Помогите с английским! change the direct speech into reported speech

Михаил Бестужев-Рюмин Ученик (126), закрыт 11 месяцев назад
Лучший ответ
Анатолий Зинин Высший разум (338563) 12 месяцев назад
1) She said she was going to do laundry in 5 minutes.
2) John said he had just found some useful information on about that issue.
3) He asked if I could help him.
4) Kate explained if I turned left I would find the shop I was looking for.
5) She mentioned she had never been to such places before she had moved to London.
6) Alice asked what had happened.
7) He said he had been working on that project for almost a year.
8) Jane asked if it had been a movie they had been talking about.
9) You said you wouldn't buy that car because it was too expensive.
10) They promised that article would have been completed by 9 pm the next day.
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