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Помогите с дз по английскому

Саша Иванов Ученик (80), открыт 3 недели назад
Exercise 2
Fill in all the gaps with the correct form of the Future Continuous verb tense.
1. I can't meet you tomorrow. My English study group _____ (meet) at the
Starbucks at the Student Center
2. What classes ______(take, you) next semester?
3. Kathie _______(not, finish) her degree next year. She will need at least one
more year.
4. Next week, I ______(drive) from Vancouver to Calgary. You won't
be able to contact me for a couple of days.
5. My mother ______ (not, do) laundry on the weekend.
She ____ (play) golf with her friends on Salt Spring Island.
6. My sister ____ (study) at Harvard next year. We are really proud of her.
7. At this time tomorrow, what ___ (do, you)?
8. I'd really like to go to the Alvin Toffler lecture this afternoon, but I ____ (sit) in
my chemistry class then and I can't miss it.
9. My brother ____ (not, get) married any time soon. He has no job
and he doesn't seem to want to do anything.
10. I thought you were too busy to go to a movie with me. ___ (not, help,
you) your friend move to a new apartment on the weekend?
11. My best friend ______ (go) to Iran next month to meet his girlfriend.
12. Scott_______ (read) a lot of books this summer. He thinks it will
make him smarter.
13. We _________ (not, read) a lot of books this semester. Professor Robins
thinks it's a waste of time.
14. _______ (visit, you) me in Lebanon next year? I'd really like to see you
15. That professor ________ (ask) you to do a lot of homework? He thinks that his
students are a little lazy.
Exercise 3
Ask questions of 4 types (general, special, alternative and disjunctive) about each
1. I'll be seeing Kate at the hospital next week.
2 When he is in Australia he will be staying with friends.
3. I'll be eating with Jane this evening so I can tell her.
4. This time next week I will be swimming in Sochi.
5. They will be working in the garden all day tomorrow.
6. He'll be coming to the meeting, I expect.
7. Mary won't be preparing for her examination in July.
8. The doctor will be checking your blood pressure when I come.
9. Tomorrow he'll still be suffering from his cold.
10. They will be describing different diseases at the exam from 9 till 11 a.m.
Exercise 4
Complete the conversation. Put in pronoun and the Future Continuous form of the verb.
Jim: I’m going to go into business when I leave college. Five years from now I’ll be running (I \
run) a big company. I expect (1) _______ (I / earn) lots of money.
Claire: I don’t know what (2) ____________ (I / do). What about you, Natasha? What (3)
_______ (you / do), do you think?
Emma: I’m too lazy to do any work. I intend to marry someone very rich. (4)
________ (I / give) dinner parties all the time. We’ll have a cook (5)
________ (who / do) all the work, of course. And you’ll both get invitations.
Claire: You are joking, aren’t you, Natasha? I expect (6) ______ (you / play) in
an orchestra. That’s what you really want to do, isn’t it?
Exercise 5
Open the brackets using the Future Simple or the Future Continuous.
1. I ______ (send) you a postcard from Italy.
2. She _____ (be) at the local hospital if you need her.
3. Mr. Smith ______ (attend) a lecture from 2 till 5 p.m. today.
4. We ______ (wash) those dirty dishes when we come home from work.
5. I know that Jerry _______ (stand) on the platform and ______
(wave) his hand when our train arrives.
6. Your prescription _____ (be) ready in half an hour.
7. We ______ (celebrate) my birthday when you return.
8. He ________ (not return) to that city anymore.
9. Emma ______ (enjoy) her vacation in a ski-resort at this time next year.
10. I ______ (not work) in the library tomorrow evening
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