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Пожалуйста! Помогите расставить слова в правильном порядке

Кенма ... Ученик (5), закрыт 1 год назад
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I am Happy Просветленный (28028) 1 год назад
1 He usually goes for a walk at five o'clock in the evening.
2 Tom is never late for his work when he goes by bus
3 Do you usually have vegetables or fruit for breakfast?
4 She is less beautiful than her sister
5 The students didn't come to the last Wednesday meeting
6 I wonder if he was there too.

1 We generally have six lessons a day.
2 My parents have always lived in London.
3 I went for holidays to Spain two years ago.
4 Does he often go home so late?
5 The concert is still going on.
6 I have never been before to the seaside.
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