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Как читать этот текст по русски то есть не перевод его а А имено чтение.

tr i Ученик (106), на голосовании 12 месяцев назад
Как читается этот текст Paella is 1) a typical rich rice dish from 2) Valencia. Valencia is located on 3) the east Mediterranean coast of 4) Spain. Paella is 5) a dish eaten on 6) Sundays when the whole family is together. 7) The name paella is the word for ‘frying pan' in old Valencian. Paella is usually served with vegetables and meat or seafood. It was 8) the workers' meal, cooked over 9) a open fire in 10) the fields and eaten from the pan using wooden spoons. 11) The poor farmers of Valencia cooked rice with tomatoes, onions and snails. On special occasions they would add rabbit or duck. 12) The rich would have chicken. By the end of 13) the 19th century 'paella valenciana’ had become widely known. Paella is still 14) a popular dish today. Restaurants in Spain offer 15) a wide variety of paella dishes. 16)A traditional Paella Valenciana includes chicken, duck, rabbit and snails. Paella Andalucia includes prawns, mussels, clams, chicken or rabbit, a little pork and sometimes sausage. Paella Marinera is another popular dish in 17) the south of Spain and is made with seafood. So, if you ever go to 18) a Spanish restaurant that serves paella, try it. You'll just love it!
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Hefart Мастер (1496) 1 год назад
вопрос совершенный технология подвести приближаться
Google Answer Высший разум (110660) 1 год назад
Паэлья из э тайпикал райс диш
Колонист Мудрец (18033) 1 год назад
Паелла ис а тупикал рих рисе дисх фром валенсиа ис локатед он тхе еаст ну и так далее
qwm qwm Просветленный (23454) 1 год назад
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