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Опишите пожалуйста на английском 3 профессии: таксист, секретарь, хирург

FJFJ BBG Ученик (118), закрыт 2 месяца назад
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V Мастер (1441) 2 месяца назад
**Taxi driver**

A taxi driver is a person who drives a taxicab, a car that is used to transport passengers for a fee. Taxi drivers must have a driver's license and a taxi driver's license. They must also be familiar with the city or area they drive in.

The responsibilities of a taxi driver include:

* Picking up and dropping off passengers
* Calculating fares
* Following traffic laws
* Maintaining their vehicle


A secretary is an administrative assistant who provides support to a manager or other professional. Secretaries typically perform a variety of tasks, such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, and preparing documents.

The responsibilities of a secretary include:

* Answering phones
* Scheduling appointments
* Preparing documents
* Organizing files
* Providing customer service


A surgeon is a doctor who performs operations. Surgeons must have a medical degree and a surgical residency. They must also be licensed to practice medicine.

The responsibilities of a surgeon include:

* Diagnosing and treating medical conditions
* Performing operations
* Educating patients about their condition
* Working with other healthcare professionals

I hope this helps!
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Илья Меркулов Знаток (263) 2 месяца назад
врач - is a health care provider who practices the profession of medicine, which is concerned with promoting, maintaining or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, injury and other physical and mental impairments.

а остальное поищи и придумай сам)
vampire Гуру (3456) 2 месяца назад
Могу только таксиста -They have a business and 10000000 $
Серёжа Молодец Просветленный (43928) 2 месяца назад
В Кострому животноводом поедешь?
Георгий Рубинов Мастер (2185) 2 месяца назад
1. Taxi Driver:
A taxi driver is a professional who operates a taxi or cab to transport passengers from one location to another. They play a crucial role in urban transportation, providing convenient and on-demand rides to people who need to travel within a city. Taxi drivers must have a good knowledge of local streets and traffic regulations, as well as excellent customer service skills to ensure a pleasant and safe journey for their passengers.

2. Secretary:
A secretary is an administrative professional responsible for managing office tasks and assisting executives or managers in various organizations. Their responsibilities typically include answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, organizing meetings, handling correspondence, and maintaining records. Secretaries are often the first point of contact for external parties and play a crucial role in ensuring efficient communication within an organization.

3. Surgeon:
A surgeon is a highly trained medical professional who specializes in performing surgical procedures to treat various medical conditions and injuries. Surgeons work in hospitals, clinics, and surgical centers and may focus on specific areas such as orthopedics, cardiovascular, or general surgery. They must have a deep understanding of human anatomy, surgical techniques, and the latest medical technologies to perform surgeries safely and effectively. The work of a surgeon can be demanding and requires precision, teamwork, and a commitment to patient well-being.
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