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Exercise 1.2. Find in the text the derivatives of the following words, think of more derivatives: create, act, differ, perceive, purpose, art, compose, nature, transform, live, space, proper.

Exercise 1.3. Explain in your own words the meaning of the fol- king lowing words and phrases: The aesthetic comfort ural human-friendly environment artificial nature by natural components nvi- greening of cities the

Exercise 1.4. Match the adjectives on the left with nouns on the cal, right; makeup your own sentences with these word combinations. son. ape Landscape comfort an- Natural nal activity Open creativity nd- Human ing environment Ecological spaces Artificial ural environment in

Exercise 1.5. Complete the sentences. new 1. At present much attention is paid to ape 2. The appearance of the cities id formed under 3. An important role ... is played by open green spaces. Fart 4. The goal of landscape design is to ture 5. Environmental issues are given Hing 6. The activity of landscape designer is connected with ...

Exercise 1.6. Answer the following questions: fol- 1. Does a landscape designer interfere with nature? об- 2. What is landscape design aimed at? 3. What does landscape design differ from other types of art? Ода, 4. What is landscaping based on? кру- йся 5. How old is the art of landscaping? 6. What is the main building material in landscaping?

Exercise 1.7. Correct the statements: 1. The activity of landscaper is connected with water only. ng 2. Greening of cities is quite a new human activity. 3. The appearance of the city is influences by people. m, 4. Environmental issues are neglected at present. 5. Artificial environment is created by nature. 6. Landscaper does not interfere with natural environment
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**Exercise 1.2**

**Exercise 1.3**

* **Aesthetic comfort:** A sense of pleasingness or beauty that contributes to a sense of well-being.

* **Rural human-friendly environment:** A living space that is designed to be harmonious with the natural surroundings and caters to the needs of human inhabitants.

* **Artificial nature:** An environment that has been created by humans to imitate or mimic natural elements.

* **Greening of cities:** The practice of adding more plants and vegetation to urban areas.

* **Natural components:** The basic elements that make up the natural world, such as plants, animals, and rocks.

**Exercise 1.4**

**Exercise 1.5**

1. At present, much attention is paid to the creation of sustainable and eco-friendly urban landscapes.

2. The appearance of cities is formed under the influence of both natural and human factors.

3. An important role in maintaining the ecological balance of cities is played by open green spaces.

4. The goal of landscape design is to create aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful outdoor spaces.

5. Environmental issues are given high priority in modern landscape design practices.

6. The activity of a landscape designer is connected with the planning, design, and implementation of outdoor spaces.

**Exercise 1.6**

1. Landscape designers do not interfere with nature in a harmful way; instead, they strive to create harmony between human-built environments and natural ecosystems.

2. Landscape design is aimed at creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable outdoor spaces that enhance the quality of life for people and contribute to the overall well-being of communities.

3. Landscape design differs from other types of art in its emphasis on the integration of art, architecture, and ecology.

4. Landscape design is based on a thorough understanding of natural processes, plant ecology, and human needs.

5. The art of landscaping has existed for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilizations.

6. The main building material in landscaping is not concrete or steel, but rather plants, trees, and natural elements.

**Exercise 1.7**

Corrected statements:

1. The activity of a landscaper is not connected with water only; it encompasses a wide range of elements, including plants, trees, landforms, and hardscapes.

2. Greening of cities is not quite a new human activity; it has been practiced for centuries in various forms.

3. The appearance of a city is influenced by both natural and human factors, including climate, topography, and historical development.

4. Environmental issues are not neglected at present; they are a major concern in modern urban planning and landscape design.

5. Artificial environments are not created by nature; they are constructed by humans using various materials and technologies.
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