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i need friend to me

Ученик (92), закрыт 12 лет назад
hello i`m ahmed
i saw your profile at net and i very glad that we can be friends..
that small information at my profile i know that not good to send my number`s or e-mails but i want to have friend and to have trust of me that i`m not play realy i want friend...ok..
i am Ahmed
from Egypt ,i am 186 cm and 95 kg,and i am engineer ,i see your photo at net you are so beau and i
want to make friend & chat with you to be close friends to know each other my number that all my number to be not afraid & that i not play you see all my number you have mobile&icq&e-mail......
my e-mail is aghenewa1 @ .i am not bad you can see my photos if you want too, i think we will be more friends, you can send to me sms to be chat all day!!! sorry again if i bother you,i think this way to have friend and net it difficult, but i try,try,try,try, so i think i like your profile,,but i do not know what you say about me??? maybe yes or no in the end,,i hope we be friends at future...Ahmed?i wait your reply sorry again if i bother you.........
i know it not done and that mad but maybe done and have my friend what you think?
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