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Где можно надыбать реферат на английском языке (9класс) что-нибудь про космос???

.|.|. .|.|. Знаток (331), на голосовании 13 лет назад
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Олеся Мастер (1465) 13 лет назад
About Space: Около13-15 billions years ago - during time when as consider the majority of scientists, the Universe has arisen. It has been compressed in exclusively dense and improbably flashpoint. This Universe - the Baby has been too hot and too filled by ENERGY to stay in former, органиченном volume. There was a flash, and the Universe has directed extensively. Scientists named this moment of a space birth "BIG BANG". "BIG BANG" actually was not explosion in habitual understanding. The matter and energy did not begin to scatter in external space. To "BIG BANG" there was no even time. Its readout has begun only with Universe expansion. And through 10 - 13 billion years there was a solar system and our Earth. So to space measures, we were born just during time!
Leva Zadov Мыслитель (5295) 13 лет назад
Найди на русском и пропусти через переводчик (преподаватель обалдеет)
Find in Russian and pass(miss) through the translator (the teacher will be stunnedк )
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