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люди, какие есть песни, которые начинаются на слова Story of my lifeЗнаю только эту первую строчку, а песня нравится

Профи (783), закрыт 12 лет назад
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Остальные ответы Kristian Leontiou — Story Of My Life
You see it was like this,
I was torn between two worlds
One full of promise
And the truth I knew would hurt
You say I'm no angel
Trying to put the past behind

So now I try to find
A place to leave all
Memories in my mind
We try, our lives away
Then stumble to the grave
We cry, and still they say
The past wont go away
The story of my life

See I was just thinking
Now my life is on the road
The straight and the narrow
On the route that I've been shown
You know its not easy
To try to change your ways

[Repeat Chorus Till End]
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