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Дайте пожалуйста художественные тексты любые на английском языке.

ЭмИн ЕсЛи Чё Ученик (148), закрыт 13 лет назад
заранее очень благодарен...!
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Александр Владимиров Мыслитель (7289) 13 лет назад
From a cat up to a dog... We today shall meet? - well if you want. - and you do not want? - whereas always in the same place and then. They should see. They when two when once a week came in demountable, almost empty, and always a dusty apartment on the surburb of city. Came for a while to cease to be itself, and to become something another, greater, indissoluble, absolutely unlike it and it. To become, fly up, fly around of the ground or to fly in Fog Андромеды and to return back. And then quickly to be uncoupled, open eyes and to have time to make the person earlier, than it will appear on the one who again has just learned to breathe a beside. The person to do it was necessary by all means, without it in any way it is impossible. Because pride and independence above all. Even travel to fogs. You will not have time to clean from a sight tenderness and a teardrop of fidelity, and from lips caress of a smile, and everything, write - was gone. Loss in all respects, there and then through your cat's grace and independently sticking out ears other ears - dog, always ready to substitute under a palm of the one who beside will get out absolutely. And independence and pride? Therefore the person, both also did, наперегонки. Once устали. Here somehow both and at once. It has told:? It is necessary to throw a coin. If an eagle you there, I here, for ever and am more never. If решка besides it is more never. Never расстанемся, we shall be together for ever?. It has noded. A coin have thrown. Both observed of how, посверкивая, it overturns in air as falls on a dusty parquet and slides on it to the three-leaved mirror. Observed also the person did, because without the person while in any way it is impossible. The coin has laid down, have seen - решка. It has caught and has hidden a smile a corner of lips, it has corrected for hair the is habitual-cat's independent gesture. Refer. That for ever and it is more never. Here and flights have ended, because not before flights when it is necessary to find out, at last, - whose pride and independence of more rights has the most important. And here together they for ever, both in the morning, and at night, both in the afternoon, and in the evening, but only that
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Мария Ионина Гуру (3246) 13 лет назад
У меня есть Стругацкие на английском...
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