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Владимир Михайлов Мастер (1802), закрыт 11 лет назад
`Marriage is a thing which only a rare person in his or her life avoids. True bachelors and spinsters make up only a small percent of the population; most single people are “alone but not lonely”.
Millions of others get married because of the fun of family life. And it is fun, if one takes it with a sense of humour.
There’s a lot of fun in falling in love with someone and chasing the prospective fiancée, which means dating and going out with the candidate. All the relatives (parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, stepmothers and stepfathers and all in-laws) meanwhile have the fun of criticizing your choice and giving advice. The trick here is not to listen to them but propose to your bride-to-be and somehow get her to accept your proposal. Then you may arrange the engagement and fix the day of the wedding.
What fun it is to get all those things, whose names start with the word “wedding”-dress, rings, cars, flowers, cakes, etc.! It’s great fun to pay for them.
It’s fun for the bride and the groom to escape from the guests and go on a honeymoon trip, especially if it is a wedding present from the parents. The guests remain with the fun of gossiping whether you married for love or for money.
It’s fun to return back home with the idea that the person you are married to is somewhat different from the one you knew. But there is no time to think about it because you are newly – weds and you expect a baby.
There is no better fun for a husband than talking his wife to a maternity home alone and bringing her back with the twins or triplets.
And this is where the greatest fun starts: washing the new- born’s nappies and passing away sleepless nights, earning money to keep the family, taking children to kindergarten and later to school. By all means it’s fun to attend parents’ meetings and to learn that your children take after you and don’t do well at school.
The bigger your children grow, the more they resemble you outwardly and the less they display likeness with you inwardly. And you start grumbling at them and discussing with your old friends the problem of “generation gap”. What fun!
And when at last you and your grey-haired spouse start thinking that your family life has calmed down, you haven’t divorced but preserved your opinion, the climax of your fun bursts out!
One of your dearest offsprings brings a long0legged blonde to your house and says that he wants to marry. And you think: “Why do people ever get married?”
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Banana Искусственный Интеллект (575707) 11 лет назад
What is marriage?
Why do millions get married?
What fun is there in falling in love?
When do you expect a baby?
Where do you get triplets?
Where does the greatest fun start?
Did you do well at school?
The bigger your children grow,the more they resemble you
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