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где достать Сочинение про мою будущую профессию (на английском языке)? Помогите=)))

Ученик (125), закрыт 8 лет назад
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It is not easy to choose this or that profession just at once. All professions are good, the main thing is to do something useful. Some of us may already know what occupation they wish to follow, what they will be by trade or profession. Others have not yet made their decision. It is not easy to decide.

Till this year I couldn't decide what I'll be after finishing school. At some time in the past I changed my mind for several times. In my childhood when I became a pupil of .the school I liked my first teacher very much and I wanted to tie a teacher.

Then I dreamt of becoming a doctor. I thought that doctors and surgeons who look after our health have the most interesting profession.

Then I got interested in physics. I had read a lot of books on this subject. Physics is very important in morden life.

I think the best way to prepare for any job is to get an education and we should do well at school, and to learn all we can outside of school.

а вообще вбейте в гугл my future profession много найдете
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Пиши на русском, а потом в переводчик!
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