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Нужен небольшой народный рецепт от заболевания только на английском языке... К примеру от головной боли... Пожалуйста)))

Ученик (102), закрыт 9 лет назад
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можно найти и другие рецепты из домашней аптеки, и всё - на классическом английском)

Headache Herbal Recipe

Headache: Headaches could be highly painful and nagging, especially if you are suffering from a sinus and migraine related cause. Headache among women is cause of real concern as the amount of suffering that a woman undergoes a painful bout of headache is too acute. You can prepare your own herbal headache recipe by blending several different herbs. Here are some herbal recipes for curing and alleviating the painful episodes of headache:

* Pick up clean and ripe roots of Vetiver grass from an herbal garden,
* Powder the roots into a thick paste,
* Add a small amount of water and mix thoroughly,
* Make a thick paste by grinding using a grinder,
* You can use the thick paste by applying it over the temple area to get relief from nagging headache,

You can also use the roots and leaves of an herb called ashwagandha to get instant relief from the headache. Here is an herbal recipe prepared from ashwagandha that can act as an effective remedy for curing headaches:

* Pick up the entire plants of a ripe ashwagandha,
* Extract the juice by crushing the plant using a grinder,
* Boil 2 cups of juice, 1 cup of castor oil and three cups of water, till only the oil is left in the container.
* Apply the resulting oil externally and massage every night for 10 days.
* You can also use dried powder of aloe internally to ease painful headaches; take 5 gm with ½ cup of warm milk for about 20 days.
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