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текст о городе Архангельск на английском языке

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Vitaliy Yasminov Просветленный (26556) 14 лет назад
Arkhangelsk (Russian: Арха́нгельск), formerly called Archangel in English, is a city and the administrative center of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. It lies on the Northern Dvina River near its exit into the White Sea in the far north of European Russia. Arkhangelsk was the chief sea port of medieval Russia. It is served by Talagi Airport and the smaller Vaskovo Airport, but also is home to Lakhta military air base. Population: 356,051 (2002 Census); down from 415,921 recorded in the 1989 Census.

Early history
The area where Arkhangelsk is situated was known to the Vikings as Bjarmaland. Ohthere from Hålogaland told from his travels around 800 of an area by a river and the White Sea with many buildings. This was probably the place later known as Arkhangelsk. According to Snorri Sturluson there was a Viking raid on this area in 1027, led by Tore Hund.

In 1989, an unusually rich silver treasure was found by the mouth of Dvina, right next to present day Arkhangelsk. It was probably buried in the beginning of the 12th century, and contained articles that may have been up to 200 years old at that time.

Most of the findings are made up by a total of 1.6 kg of silver, mostly coins. Jewelry and pieces of jewelry hails from Russia or neighbouring areas. Most coins were German, but there was also a smaller number of Kufan, English, Bohemian, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian coins.

It is hard to place this find historically until further research has been completed. There are at least two possible interpretations. It may be a treasure belonging to the society outlined by the Norse source material. Generally such find, whether from Scandinavia, the Baltic area or Russia, are closely tied to well-established agricultural societies with considerable trade activity.

Alternatively, like the Russian scientists who published the find in 1992, one may see it as evidence of a stronger force of Russian colonisation than previously thought.


продолжение смотри в источнике

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артур пахомов Гуру (4088) 14 лет назад
ты чего ты и на русском языке пару слов найдешь об этом городе. а ты замахнулась на целый текст да еще на английском языке! :)
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