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Помогите, пожалуйста, по английскому. Не понимаю

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найти предложения с ошибками и исправить их:
1. When we get home, our mother be cooking lunch for the whole company.
2. When you come, I will be at home.
3. At 9 I will be very busy. I will be working with my documents. Call me later.
4. Tomorrow this time we will having a party.
5. I do not like him. When he comes, I will go.
6. Next Christmas I will be staying with my numerous cousins in the Alps.
7. You are busy now, are not you? I will be calling you later.
8. He will be coming if you ask him.
9. This time next month I will sit on a beach and lie in the sun.
10. Look! It is raining heavily! Will you be walking in the rain with me?
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