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Где в этом тексте предложения с герундием (три) и с причастием настоящего и прошедшего времени (тоже 3). Буду признательна тем, кто найдет их :)
Собственно текст:

Gymnastics schools, tennis camps, swimming centers, racquetball clubs, golf courses, bowling lanes and health spas all require administrative skills in addition to knowledge about physical skills.
Directors in each of these settings must possess budgetary skills, personnel management abilities, planning knowledge, and supervisory capabilities. While they are primarily interested in producing profits and thus maintaining high enrollments or large attendance, they must hire qualified instruction staff.
Corporate fitness programs also demand management, motivational and supervisory skills. Abilities of these sports professionals in public relations and in promotions may supersede their knowledge of fitness, since their employers want maximal participation to enhance worker productivity.
The fitness mania pervading the world has led to a proliferation of public facilities and programs promoting life-style changes for all groups. Directors and program coordinators organize and implement fitness programs, sport teams and various social activities. Job security is good, yet few advancement opportunities exist unless management skills learned in this setting are transferred to another career. The minimal wages earned in many part-time positions in public recreation are offset by the invaluable experience gained.
Facility managers are associated with arenas and stadiums at universities, in communities and with professional teams. To be cost-efficient, large facilities must be multipurpose because audiences must be attracted to several different sporting events as well as to concerts, speeches and conventions. There are some specialized facilities such as an aquatic arena. Facility managers must have planning and organizational abilities foremost as well as personnel management skills. Most facility managers work for either a university or a professional team and then schedule events around the major teams or work for a municipality that rents time to teams.
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