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Кто-нибудь пожалуйста исправьте ошибки. Пожалуйста

Ученик (95), на голосовании 7 лет назад
ПожалуйстаI think, in respect of outer space exploration we for a long time already in a debt to Lomonosovym for a long time can, instead of we want to master on the present space. It is not necessary to search for money for space - they are, switch money of military budgets for outer space exploration.
First people engaged in space receive in the course of it new technologies and materials for commercial use. Secondly benefit in outer space exploration will receive all: the president - points in pre-election race, NASA - work, the USA - prestige, mankind will use new technologies. Those who that consider will be lost only that they will better spend money for something necessary, terrestrial. They, as usual will lag behind the USA of years on 10-15, will buy new production through the third countries and money again will begin to flow in the USA. The investment of money in space projects is one of kinds of advertizing of technical production of the country which are carrying out these projects. So it is simply favourable. Plus political dividends. So, certainly to spend.
It seems to me that in such area as space and its development it is necessary to undertake to all countries. Only together we can become successful. And still without Russia space we will subdue to one country of the world!
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