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Знатокам английского -помогите

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Проверьте, пожалуйста, дочкин рассказ про семью. А то я французский учила....

My name is Anastasia. I am eleven years. I live in Moscow, capital of Russia. I study in the fifth class. I cheerful and kind, at me good character. I have many friends. At me a long curly hair, brown eyes. I of high growth. Friends consider, that I nice. At me the big family. Us all five - mum, the daddy, the brother, sister and I. We live in small apartment - at us two rooms, a bathroom and kitchen. I have a room - it small, but cosy. There there is my bed, a table, a case, the TV and the computer. My mother`s name is Olga, it the bookkeeper. My father`s name is Sergey, it the engineer. My brother call Alex. To it two years, it goes to a kindergarten. My sister is called Marina, it small, to it by 8 months. I like to play with my brother and sister.
I very much love my family.

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