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помогите пожалуйста перевести текст, гугл переводит какой то бредд

Ученик (145), закрыт 7 лет назад
This is her living room. The walls in this room are yellow. The ceiling’s white and the floor brown. You can see a square table in the middle of the room of the room. There’s a vase of flowers on it. There an arm-chair and a standart-lamp in the corner. There’s also a piano in the room. My sister’s plays the piano very well. She loves music.
To the right of the piano you can see a door it’s open.
Can you see a writing-table? Yes, I can.
Are there any books on it? Yes, there are some.
What else is there on the writing-table? There’s a telephone and a radio set on it.
Is there television set on the table too. No, I can’t see it.
Is there a sofa in this room? No, there isn’t a sofa but there’s a book case in the corner.
Which room’s this? It’s the study.
To the left of the piano you can also see a door. It’s open, too.
Are there many things in that room? No, there aren’t.
which room’s that? It’s the bedroom.
is my sisters flat comfortable?
how many rooms are the in her flat?
Дополнен 7 лет назад
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