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Пожалуйста, напишите по-английски несколько оригинальных, красивых комплиментов девушке.

Гуру (3247), закрыт 6 лет назад
Лучший ответ
I sink in your eyes like in the deep ocean=)
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Котенька Просветленный (23671) Аааа ненавижу артикли=)
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Остальные ответы
1. Your beauty is just fantastic!

2. You smell great!

3. This movie is my favo(u)rite one, too!

4. You are incredible!

5. You know, you’re gorgeous.

6. Wow, that looks good on you.

7. As long as you’re there, I don’t care where we go.

8. You look like a Princess!

9. You make me a better person.

10. I know this great place… It’s in your arms. Can I go there soon?

11. You have a lot of real charm!

12. You’re the hottest girl in the room/in my life.

13. You are the smartest girl I’ve ever dated.

14. You are the perfect kisser.

16. You are looking really good. I don’t think I’ve seen you any skinnier.

17. My mom is going to love you.

18. You’re different than other girls.

19. I can tell you anything.

20. You’re my best friend.
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