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помогите с английским

иванов сергей Ученик (62), на голосовании 8 лет назад
1. You (to have) your contract soon: the secretary (to type) it now. 2. How long he (to wait) for Steve yesterday? – He (to wait) for twenty minutes when Steve (to come) at last. 3. You already (to visit) your doctor? – I (to visit) him two hours ago. – What he (to tell) you? – He (to advise) to keep to a diet. 4. Are you going to read a letter you (to receive)? – No, I (not to want) to read it now. I (to read) it when I (to be) in a better mood. 5. Yesterday I (to return) home late in the evening. I (to have) supper , when my old friend, who just (to arrive) to Moscow, (to ring) me up. 6. They always (to go) to the country in summer? – Yes, as a rule. But they (to spend) their holiday at the seaside next summer if they (to get) enough money. 7. As the day (to be) sunny last Sunday, we (to decide) to go to the country. We (to get) to our place by 10 a.m. We (to enjoy) ourselves the whole day. 8. What your father (to do) at the moment? – He (to have) breakfast. As a rule he (to have) breakfast late on Sundays. 9. We (to see) them last week, but we (not to see) them since then. 10. My friend (to ask) me to explain him a new rule because he (not to understand) it. (в нужную видовременную форму)
Голосование за лучший ответ
Nelly Оракул (63710) 8 лет назад
1. You WILL HAVE your contract soon: the secretary IS TYPING it now. 2. How long WAS he WAITING for Steve yesterday? – He WAS WAITING for twenty minutes when Steve CAME at last.

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