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сочинение на английском про ярославль

Знаток (264), на голосовании 5 лет назад
Голосование за лучший ответ
Ммм.. . Так вопрос в чем?
Yaroslavl - a city in Russia, the administrative center of Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl region, urban district. Population - 591,374 people (estimated at 1 January 2011). Yaroslavl - the third largest populated city of the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation. The city is a transportation hub, from which diverge railway lines and roads in the direction of Moscow, Vologda, Rybinsk, Kostroma, Ivanovo and Kirov. In Yaroslavl act as a river port and airport. The city area is 205 km ². Administrative city is divided into six districts: Dzerzhinsky Zavolzhsky, Kirov, Krasnoperekopsk, Lenin, Frunze.Yaroslavl - one of the oldest Russian cities, based within the XI century and reached its peak in the XVII century, in 2010, the city celebrated its millennium. City Day in Yaroslavl usually celebrated on the last Saturday in May (in 2010, in connection with the celebration of the millennium of the city was carried out from 10 to 12 September). The historic center of the city, situated at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl, is a World Heritage Site. Yaroslavl is traditionally considered one of the main objects of the Golden Ring of Russia.The city is located in a zone of moderate continental climate, moderating influence of the Atlantic Ocean is large. The sum of the growing season temperatures (above +10 ° C) - 1892 ° C. The number of days with temperatures below zero - 150 days. Annual rainfall - 590 mm. Total precipitation of the cold period - 175 mm. Total precipitation of the warm period - 427 mm.Winter in Yaroslavl moderately cold, moderate snow, lasting more than five months. The average January temperature is -11 ° C, in some winter frosts can reach -40 ° C, -46 ° C, but it does happen and thaw, so, in 1932, in the month of January marked the longest thaw the entire observation period (17 days). Snow depth - 35-50 cm, in some winters it reaches 70 cm, sometimes barely more than 20 cm snow cover is in the second half of November and lasts for 140 days. The winds of the southern and western areas. Average wind speed - 4.2 m / s, high winds, more than 8 m / s, and snowstorms are observed mainly in December - the month of January to 8-10 days.Spring is characterized by low rainfall. The average temperature in April in Yaroslavl, about +4 ° C. Snow cover occurs in the first half of April. Precipitation in April are small - about 40 mm more precipitation starts in May, when they fall 50-60 mm. In May of the year marked the lowest relative humidity - 70%.Summers are moderately warm and humid, with the highest amount of rainfall in a year - up to 80 mm per month. The average July temperature is +18 ° C, in some hot days, the maximum daytime temperature reached +37 ° C. In July, most precipitation falls in the year - 80-90 mm per month. Mainly rain showers, with thunderstorms often (in June - July, and 6-8 days with a thunderstorm). The prevailing winds are west and north. Average speed of 2.5-3.5 m / s.Autumn is characterized by a sharp increase in the overcast sky - up to 18 days per month and increase the relative humidity to 85%. The average temperature in October in Yaroslavl +3 ° C. Rainfall is reduced, but the nature of their changes - are heavy rains and mists arise.
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