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помогите перевести на английский?

Алексей Нотте Знаток (438), закрыт 13 лет назад
Пожалуйста, не говори так громко. Я - занимаюсь.

Ты пишешь открытку Мэри? да, я всегда поздравляю ее с праздниками.

Почему ты молчишь? - спросил он. Потому что я предпочитаю молчать в таких ситуациях.

Посмотри, идет дождь. Мы не может поехать за город.
Лучший ответ
Vivian Love Гуру (4494) 13 лет назад
Please don't speak so loudly I'm studying.
Are you writing a postcard to Mary? I always condratulate her with holidays.
Why are you silent? - he asked. Because I prefer to keep silence in such circumstances.
Look, it is rainig. We can not go to the country/
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Ксюша Николаева Мастер (2360) 13 лет назад
Please, not talk so loudly. I study
Do you write the postal of Mary? yes, I always congratulate it on holidays
Why are quiet you? - he asked. Because I prefer to be quiet in such situations.
Look, is rain. We can not depart for a city.
примерно так. спроси еще у кого нить
Борис Искусственный Интеллект (137334) 13 лет назад
Please, don't speak so loudly - I am busy.
Are you writing the postcard to Mary? Yes, I always congratulate her on holidays.
Why do you keep silence? - he asked. Because I prefer to be silent in such situations.
Look, it's raining. We cannot go out of the city.
Это,а шоб не сглазили))) Искусственный Интеллект (163214) 13 лет назад
Please, keep silence. I'm busy.
Do you fill in a post card for Mary? Of course, I always greet her with birthdays.
Why you're not responding? - he asked. Because I prefere to keep silense in such cases.
Look, It's raining. We can't leave the town.
Дмитрий Барбашов Ученик (220) 2 года назад
Please don't speak so loudly. I'm studying. 2. "You're writing Mary's card?"Yes, I always congratulate her on the holidays."3. "Why are you silent?"he asked. "Because I prefer to be silent in such situations."4. "Look, it's raining. We can't go out of town.""As for me, I'm not afraid of the rain. I go for go-
rod in any weather. 5. Scientists are constantly studying the weather. The climate is getting warmer. 6. "I'm going to a pop concert. Jane's coming with me.. Want to come with us?» «With pleasure!"7. It's getting dark. I want to ask Mark to turn on the lights. 8. She is very absent-minded. She always leaves her bag in the audience. 9. "Is he busy today again?"No, he has 10 days off. "Why is he playing on the computer? I always ask him not to play in the evenings."He has no lessons, so he plays."11. In the evenings, when she comes home from work, she usually prepares dinner. Today she is very tired. She sits at the ka-Ming, and reading. 12. "Come to us for a Cup of coffee."I can't. I'm repairing my car."13. "What are you doing here?"I'm buying new shoes. I usually buy shoes from this store.
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