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У кого нить есть монитор acer g24? Как он вам???

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noname Профи (938) 11 лет назад
Acer have revealed their latest high end full HD LCD display, the highly distinctive Acer G24, which is aimed squarely at what Acer term as ‘extreme gaming enthusiasts’ and is the world’s first LCD display to offer a particularly impressive 50,000:1 contrast ratio whilst also complying with Energy Star EPA Tier 2 criteria for power efficiency.

Sporting a particularly eye-catching copper flavoured design, Acer’s 24” G24 HD widescreen display comes with Acer Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM) technology serving to enhance detail (especially for graduated scenes with varying lighting) as well as Acer OD (overdrive) andf Acer CrystalBrite technologies, a phenomenally impressive 2ms response time, a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200, and, naturally, HDMI (as well as DVI) connectivity allowing the G24 to be hooked up to HD gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, et al.

At the time of writing full specifications have not been made available and both availability and pricing remain a mystery but, if you’re serious about HD gaming Acer’s G24 is undoubtedly one to watch.

Needless to say the moment further details and full specification (as well as a release date and price point) have been issued rest assured we’ll ensure we offer a heads up here on TFTS.

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