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Errors of American Cancer Society and Ferromagnetic Theory of Cancer. ACS must capitulate?

Ученик (157), на голосовании 6 лет назад
The American Cancer Society (ACS) is Society that cannot understand Molecular Biological and Clinical Aspects of the Ferromagnetic Theory-2006 of Cancer (Iron Conception). Cancer is Official Journal of ACS Molecular Biological Errors. ACS cannot understand: any cell (any bacterium, any virus) is society of dia-, para-, ferri- and ferromagnetic nano-objects that have local magnetic contacts. Root cause of cancer: normal cells contain not numerous ferri- and ferromagnetic nano-objects; cancer cells contain numerous ferri- and ferromagnetic nano-objects. Onco-pathologies kill victims by invisible local magnetic fields of ferri- and ferromagnetic (intoxic) nano-objects. Intracellular atoms (ions) of iron create ferri- and ferromagnetic nano-objects (contaminants, “magnetic viruses”). ACS: the causes of most of the DNA mutations that could lead to breast cancer are not known; some inherited DNA changes (mutations) can increase the risk for developing cancer and cause the cancers = ACS cannot understand: ferri- and ferromagnetic nano-objects: 1) can distort DNA by invisible local magnetic fields; 2) can make supplementary anemia for people with cancer. ACS! Don’t worry to read American schoolbooks ‘Physics’ (diamagnetism, paramagnetism, ferrimagnetism, ferromagnetism). Clinical errors. ACS analyzes Anemia in People with Cancer. What causes anemia? There are many different causes of anemia in people with cancer. Some of them may have nothing to do with the cancer. The more common causes are: the cancer itself; cancer treatment, such as radiation or chemotherapy; blood loss; diet … a combination of these factors ACS analyzes efficiency of anti-cancer anti-iron chelation therapy. Chelation therapy is a mainstream treatment used to treat heavy metal poisoning. However, the term is also used to promote an alternative therapy that is supposed to treat heart disease, cancer, and other conditions. It most often involves the injection of ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA), a chemical that binds, or chelates, heavy metals, including iron, lead, mercury, cadmium, and zinc. Chelation therapy is one of several effective treatments for lead poisoning. However, available scientific evidence does not support claims that it is effective for treating other conditions such as cancer. Chelation therapy can be toxic and has the potential to cause kidney damage, irregular heartbeat, and even death Chelation therapy is ultra-complicated anti-iron (anti-heavy-metal) anti-cancer method. Ferromagnetic Theory-2006 of Cancer (Iron Conception) proposed in 2006 and proposes today non-complicated anti-iron anti-cancer methods [ссылка появится после проверки модератором] ACS cannot understand: non-complicated methods aren’t ultra-complicated methods; honest researches aren’t hypocritical researches. ACS invented iron supplementation in the treatment of cancer anemia <a rel="nofollow"
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ну вы рекламу нано технологий и клиник, хоть по русски пишите)))
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