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Что за песня

Ученик (154), закрыт 3 года назад
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"Beth Nielsen Chapman - Sand and Water" ►►► ♬♫

I will know you when I come, as we all will come
Through the doors beyond the grave...

Solid stone is just sand and water, baby
Sand and water and a million years gone by

Зачарованные (TV Series) Dead Man Dating (1998) Soundtracks
Фрагмент "Зачарованные 1 сезон 4 серия"

А эта жизнеутверждающая часть песни не вписалась в сюжет:
All alone I heal this heart of sorrow
All alone I raise this child
Flesh and bone, he's just
Bursting towards tomorrow
And his laughter fills my world and wears your smile

All alone I came into this world
All alone I will someday die
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